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Gui 05-06-2008 05:44 AM

My struggle to play GTA IV
Like many of you guys i decided to preorder my copy of GTA IV to avoid the lack of stock and to play it on the release day, and especially in my case i decided to order from hmv to avoid my countries high prices when it comes to games (especially if you go for the special edition, in that case you gotta sell your soul to get it). So like a week before release i ordered the GTA IV SE 360 version from hmv, but on April 28th i got this e-mail from hmv saying there's some problem with my credit card and they can't despatch my order. I thought to myself: "This sucks, now i'll never get my copy on release day or even that week." But i decided to try again on the 29th and surprisingly there was no problems with my card or anything else, it worked. So the package was despatched on April 30th, then i checked the delivery time for the type of mail i chose which was within 6-10 days, time i spent collecting stamps and fighting hobos.

So here i am a week later... with the Playstation 3 Special Edition, that's right the idiots at hmv sent me the PS3 version, ain't that sweet.

So witness my endless struggle to play GTA IV, will i get GTA IV next week... next year... will my 360 die before the copy arrives, who knows?

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