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ChiTheDesigner 05-05-2008 10:10 PM

Xbox scratched my disc, what to do?
Check this out.
My Xbox360 scratched the GTA disc and now it's unreadable.
I can't play.

Who is going to fix this?
Microsoft, right?

I recently had my x360 fixed since I had a RROD, but never in my life has my xbox 360 scratched a disk this bad. Not even with crapgames like Over G Fighter or Fifa 08.
I feel like this must be someone up above taking a shot at me.

Should I kill the retailer or kill Microsoft Netherlands?
Money or Revenge? :finger:

Phone desk opens in an hour or two, by that time I want to be in front of either's glass doors to greet them with some RPG's.

I did actually play the game for 40 hours straight. So I at least beated the storyline.

Thundercracker 05-05-2008 10:13 PM

Do you play your 360 vertical or horizontal?

ChiTheDesigner 05-05-2008 10:20 PM

I play on a screen which is really on the ceiling.

No seriously, my xbox stands vertically.
Do you think I should put it horizontal?
The x360 was always advertised as a vertical console.

I don't get why this has to be with GTA btw.
Not even fuckin' Saints Row got scratched, and it should've!

Thundercracker 05-05-2008 10:26 PM

I like to avoid playing with my 360 vertical. I have a huge phobia of my discs scratching. I would recommend horizontal, definitely.

Any chance your 360 titled during use? You can try the toothpaste trick.


Polish the CD. Though counterintuitive, polishing a disc can repair a scratched CD by removing some of the outer plastic coating and thus making existing scratches shallower. A number of common household products can be used to polish the CD, but toothpaste — especially baking soda toothpaste — and Brasso are probably the most tried and true. You can also use a fine-grit polishing compound that's used for cars or hard finishes.

1. Apply a small amount of toothpaste (must be paste, not gel) or Brasso to a soft, clean, lint-free (old undershirt) cloth: an eyeglass-cleaning cloth works well.
2. Gently rub the cloth on the scratch or scuff in a radial motion, (start at the center and rub out to the edge, like spokes on a wheel). Do this 10 or 12 times all around the CD. Rubbing in a circular motion can cause small scratches that throw off the laser tracking system in the player. Try to focus your efforts solely on the scratch or scratches you’ve identified (if possible).
3. Polish in this manner for a couple of minutes, reapplying Brasso or toothpaste to the cloth as necessary. Be careful not to apply much pressure, although you will still be able to feel the cloth gently scratching the CD as it polishes.

yeah spread it on evenly then wipe it off with a warm damp cloth. but dont scratch the disc. take your time and make sure you get everything off. dont scratch it even more. also dont put too much toothpaste put a little then spread with your finger.

car wax for tires works even better though. just make sure you dont scratch the disc even more and ruin the game. be careful and do it slow and througholy. or however you spell it.

ChiTheDesigner 05-05-2008 10:35 PM

Nope, absolutely no chance of tilting. It's inside a standard sort of holder I built after the RROD to prevent scratches. Haven't knocked it over, haven't even been damn well near the thing.

And it seems I'm not the only one.


bink182rock (7 hours ago)
yh i got gta4 today, and i played it for about 30mins, and i DIDNT move my 360, then it came up sayin "disc is unreadable", so i took it out and i had a circle scratch goin all the way round it, but like in the middle of the disc, the thing is I DIDNT move my 360 when it was on!

Suuulan (11 hours ago)

cbrindle3 (1 day ago)
holy fuck no lie my fuckin gta4 just fukd up

Exotictuner (1 day ago)
FUUCK MY GTA IV is broken

skillspray (1 day ago)
i could barely afford the fucking 1st one :(

Cap0ne007 (1 day ago)
i got a broken cover and small scratchs on my GTA 4. sux. can play it. but at some missons it popps up disc unreadable.

buckfuddy352 (2 days ago)
same thing happened to my gta4

DanielisRefused (2 days ago)
AAARGG! I did absoloutely fucking nothing and my xbox DESTROYED MY GTA IV.
17 hours played time over 5 days for nothing.

AsleepWithFireFlies (3 days ago)
AAARGG! I just accidentally knocked over my xbox and it DESTROYED GTA IV. Huge gouge marks in it. I'm gutted.
Dude, toothpaste on a DVD?
I've used toothpaste for numerous problems - dental care, shoe shining and even the occasional cleaning a wound..
But fixing a DVD?

Are you serious?

Thundercracker 05-05-2008 10:37 PM

There are numerous things you can use to help eliminate scratches, even creamy peanut butter.

ChiTheDesigner 05-05-2008 10:45 PM

Peanut butter? You're shitting me, right?
I mean, I know it's supposed to polish and all.. But peanut butter?

But doesn't like smearing the CD with toothpaste void your warranty?
Shouldn't I just call Microsoft helpdesk instead and claim a new xbox plus a new copy of GTAIV?


Check whether the disc is dirty or damaged
Examine the disc to see whether it has smudges, scratches, or other damage. To do this, follow these steps:
1. Examine the disc by holding it by the edges so that you do not touch the top or the bottom surface. Then, examine the shiny side of the disc to make sure that the disc is clean and has no damage.
2. If the disc is dirty, clean the disc by hand. To do this, use a soft, clean, dry, chemical-free cloth to clean the disc. Lightly wipe from the center of the disc outward.
3. If the disc is damaged, you will no longer be able to play it.
4. If you think that the disc was already damaged when you bought it, try to exchange it.
• If you have a damaged Microsoft Xbox 360 game disc and would like to order a new one, please visit the following Web site: (
• If the game is a non-Microsoft Xbox 360 game disc and was damaged because of misuse of some type, such as not storing the disc properly in its case, the only thing you can do is buy a new one.
If you feel that the disc was damaged by the Xbox 360 console in some way, please contact Xbox Customer Support.

.LiLe. 05-05-2008 11:37 PM

Yo Chi, go to a renting store. Rent GTA and get the rent one for keeps and place urs in their case:)!.

Evi1d33d 05-05-2008 11:45 PM

Usually they would replace the disc for a small fee if you send in the scratched disc. I would recommend those disc skins you put on them to protect it from getting scratched again.


Originally Posted by Lile23 (Post 1794826)
Yo Chi, go to a renting store. Rent GTA and get the rent one for keeps and place urs in their case:)!.

That would be fraud.

MisterWillis 05-06-2008 12:21 AM

I want to pick up the game tomorrow and am so fucking reluctant to do so because of this type of shit I've been hearing. I heard its actually the disc itself and that Rock* fucked it up somehow..

snappy 05-06-2008 12:34 AM

hmm I wouldnt worry about it, I have played my copy of the game for a good 50-60 hours, and havent seen one scratch on my disk... Hell it never leaves the console..

But back on topic, is there a store that has a disc buffing machine? If so go there and get it buffed. (And yes the toothpaste trick works sometimes, but it will not work on a gouge that the 360 laser does to a disk unfortunately)

Hateatingpirate 05-06-2008 06:57 AM


Originally Posted by MisterWillis (Post 1794847)
I want to pick up the game tomorrow and am so fucking reluctant to do so because of this type of shit I've been hearing. I heard its actually the disc itself and that Rock* fucked it up somehow..


Yeah... the game has been made so that it scratches itself so you have to buy more games!

Jesus, come on... really.

Crazy J 05-06-2008 08:58 AM

I got same problem here. And i bought the scratched disc to the Gamestop where I got it from. As soon I told woman that I was deaf and woman whom works there are being bitchy and refused to cooperative with me. All she had done is tell me to call the xbox tech support. And I was like wtf so I went to other Gamestop and this time, man explains why I got scratches on my disc. And offer me a free replacement for the disc so I gave him the disc tray along with disc and he gave me brand-new game. So, Im planned to give my xbox a long break. Whew!

scott 05-06-2008 09:08 AM


Originally Posted by MisterWillis (Post 1794847)
I want to pick up the game tomorrow and am so fucking reluctant to do so because of this type of shit I've been hearing. I heard its actually the disc itself and that Rock* fucked it up somehow..

That seems pheasable..the GTAIV disc, after 35 hours of playing has a mechanism which automatically scratches itself to prevent you from playing anymore.

It's the Xbox 360. They've been known to scratch discs before, and it's happening again. Nothing to do with the game.

On a side note. I have a PS3, and it made some pretty fucking weird noises when I put it vertically, and scratched one of my games. So it's not just Xbox, both systems rip discs up.

Jacobs Supplier 05-06-2008 09:54 AM

April 29th 2008 7pm - I was playing some multi-player and i wanted to play on the 62 inch in the living room at my moms house, so i had the internet running through the hallway and across the living room. Well she goes to wheel in my sister in her highchair and straight knocked over the 360!!! i took the disc out and there it was, the nastiest scratch i have EVER seen about an inch band around the disc and a few hundred other small scratches. it didn't even load past the dashboard, she offered to buy a new one, but i was like fuck that.

I called gamestop and told them my disc came scratched, and never played. I took it in and i could tell they KNEW it didnt come like that, but one of the kids working there proceeded to slice open a fresh copy. the other kid was like "I cant believe you did that". It seemed as if in slow motion he handed me the new game, and as i walked out the kid was like "Bob's gunna be sooo pissed tomorrow"

I guess god was on my side that night, because id expect that from walmart or even best buy, but a gamestop?! they shoulve known better, lol. I would suggest you try the same thing, it was worth a shot in the dark and it worked!!!

EDIT: Or like Lile23 said, rent one from a blockbuster, switch the discs and take it back immediatley. Just say you tried to play it and it dosent work. Iv'e done this with Call of duty 4, and as long as you take it back within the hour you wont have any problems! dont worry if its "fraud" or not they are a multi-billion dollar corporation, the 40 bucks it cost them isnt hurting thier satin lined pockets... GET YOURS!

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