View Full Version : Various interiors/Window washers

05-07-2008, 07:36 PM
I was wondering if there is any map that shows you where all the window washers are, and other things such as interiors from various missions (I can still go in all those apartment blocks from missions, but I can never find them)

05-07-2008, 08:51 PM
what I do is I go in every door I see.

it is very hard to find I think I'm still trying to locate them. It seams that this title icons do not pop up when you can do certain things. Like for examples in previous titles you will see on the map where different eating places are but in this title you have to find them first and order food in that outlet before it appears on your map.

I am still trying to find more arms dealer
Some buildings I can go into but if I can break the locks and enter the rooms that would be fun. Maybe I can see people doing certain adult things than I can shoot the guy.

05-07-2008, 10:13 PM
Yeah on a chase I came upon an apartment block I remembered from a mission so i went in and managed to escape to the roof. But knowing where all those interiors are would give you the upper hand in both SP rampages and multiplayer

05-11-2008, 11:40 AM
I don't think I will be able to help you on this cos I don't even remember which buildings I can access.

05-11-2008, 11:52 AM
http://grandtheftauto.ign.com/maps/1/Liberty-City-Map points of interest / buildings with interiors... dead useful this map is