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  1. Vice City again in 2009?
  2. The next GTA. Ideas and such.
  3. WHEN should the next GTA be set?
  4. My Thoroughly Detailed Thoughts on Grand Theft Auto's potential future.
  5. My Ideas On The Next Installment
  6. Grand Theft Auto 5 Confirmed?
  7. Grand Theft Auto: Harbour City Leaked!!
  8. NEW GTA set is Australia! (Link inside)
  9. IGN April Fool Reveals - GTA Harbour City Hi Res Pictures (FAKE)
  10. New GTA for 2010/2011?
  11. New GTA
  12. GTA V (5)
  13. Welcome to The Next Grand Theft Auto Forum!
  14. The Official Wishlist Thread
  15. Hint towards setting in EFLC manual?
  16. Post your next GTA fan art!
  17. Next Gta in... Paris ? Strange facts
  18. Paris would suck!
  19. GTA, peaked? PFF! No way!
  20. gta sanandreas return to grove street
  21. The truth on the new GTA?
  22. New main character
  23. NEW GTA 5 IMAGE?
  24. My Ideas on the Next GrAnD ThEfT AuTO
  26. Announcement for GTA: Next - WHEN??? (+ Some ideas I had).
  27. GTA Streets of Vice (LOTS of hard work put into this thread)
  28. An In-Depth Analysis of GTA IV & Realistic Prospects for the Series' Future
  29. Next GTA Hinted @ In RDR?
  30. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 2 (?)
  31. Would you be willing to sacrifice to keep an M rating?
  32. gta5.com, registered domain by Rockstar Games, Take2Games.
  33. The Random Event System
  34. Characters and improving storytelling
  35. GTA V Location Rumoured? (Possible Spoilers)
  36. GTA V rumour
  37. San Andreas Stories + PSP Wallpaper
  38. Anticipation For Info?
  40. New Comer
  41. gta v (new)
  42. GTA Galaxy?
  43. gta : next
  44. GTA on RDR's map?
  45. GTA IV Release Prediction & Vid
  46. Customizing Weapons?
  47. Weapons you would like to see in GTA 5
  49. Gta 4 and rdr
  50. Dream Death...
  51. Take 2 Attending E3 2011
  52. GTA5 Could be Released This Year
  53. Take-Two registers new domains.
  54. IGN director quote "heard some interesting things"
  55. Possible GTA 5 info
  56. Idea
  57. A fully working airport?
  58. Game Crashes when i try to do paint job with a modded car
  59. Gilbert Gottfried Next Main Character?
  60. Hint for the next Gta right in our faces
  61. Co-op story mode
  62. E3 Tomorrow!!!!
  63. GTA V (Q4,2012-Q3-2014)
  64. GTA V possible 2012 release
  65. Possible announcement during late summer (August).
  66. Undefeated Fall 2010 Collection – Delivery 2
  67. Opinions On the Next GTA Dates!!
  68. Grand Theft Auto V ANNOUNCED
  69. 7 lifts
  70. GTAV Wallpaperz
  71. Kotaku gta 5 location article
  72. With the new city, still possibility of NY ?
  73. Grand Theft Auto V Debut Trailer discussion
  74. GTA V Leaked release date?!
  75. Trailer Easter Eggs
  76. Enough with the good guys
  77. Official "Things to Notice" Forum
  78. San Andreas/GTA V Location comparison
  79. GTA5 Trailer Dissected
  81. All of San Andreas?
  82. GTA V Officially Announced by R*
  83. Los Santos Only!!?!?!!!? Could this mean....
  84. Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 1 Breakdown
  85. "My Realism ideas" thread
  86. How did you guys miss this!?!? ------ Proof there is more than San Andreas!
  87. Gamesradar article about spotted vehicles
  88. Rumors and Photoshops?
  89. New leaked info (rumors)
  90. Leaked GTAV Screenshot???
  91. GTA V Trailer done in GTA SA!
  92. Coincidence???? you tell me...
  93. Music thread
  94. GTA V Map Speculation
  95. The Most Detailed Video Analysis of GTA V's Debut Trailer
  96. Perhaps...listen in...
  97. GTA V Rumor Mill: lead character's voice actor found?
  98. This Max Payne 3 design and tech video..
  99. GTA V Beta?
  100. GTA5 released on 12-23-11!!!!!!!
  101. Hidden package speculation - how realism can be fun
  102. New Info Soon?
  103. GTA V feature
  104. What we know so far?
  105. texture location
  106. Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Leaked
  107. I know it's only a minor thing
  108. Leaked map?
  109. November 23rd?
  110. Which version of GTA V will you get?
  111. What do you want to see added/changed in GTA V?
  112. GTA V + MAX PAYNE 3?
  113. Massive GTA 5 information leak from Ex-RockStar Employee
  114. Do you think there'll be "Design and Technology Series" type things?
  115. Another "Leak", this time from a "Rockstar Intern"
  116. GTA V in October 2012!
  117. Thoughts on possible military tech?
  118. GTA V for VITA? RUMOR
  119. More random peds you NEED to kill?
  120. GTA 4
  121. so apparently mp3 might have remnants of gta v (vehicle list?)
  122. Did I miss something?
  123. gta v ideas
  124. GTA V Planes found in MP3
  125. GTA V expected to sell 14 million units at launch (news story)
  126. Level of gore in GTA V and other recent R* titles...
  127. Leaked magazine cover reveals GTA V out in October?
  128. Take 2 Interactive Attending Gamescom 2012
  129. Curious tweets from Andy McNamara
  130. Why GTA V needs at least two protagonists
  131. Wouldnt it be Nice
  132. Brand spankin' new GTAV screenshots.
  133. gta v system reqs
  134. make playerped of naruto(pain)
  135. viral advertising? - epsilon program
  136. GTA V Apparently coming along well
  137. GTA LIVE Wallpaper
  138. GTAGaming - GTA 5 News & Updates (News Video)
  139. Transportation. 3 new screenshots.
  140. 3 More Screens: Leisure
  141. New Screens Aug. 22.
  142. Rumor: Zavvi leaks release date (Nov. 23rd)
  143. GTA V Box art reveal trailer. (Just for fun!)
  144. 4 More Screens: Business
  145. About GTA5's car mod !
  146. What GTAV needs the most: realistic character motivations
  147. Almost confirmed release date.
  148. Take-Two: 'GTA 5 is in full development and making substantial progress.'
  149. GTA V Trailer without music
  150. GTA V Trailer 1.5 (Pour Some Sugar On Me)
  151. Grand Theft Auto V - Fan Made PS3 Game Case Artwork by GTALAD4EVA
  152. GTAV Facebook Timelines and Desktop Backgrounds made by - GTALAD4EVA
  153. Grand Theft Auto V is Game Informer's December Cover!
  154. [Video] Grand Theft Auto V is Game Informer's December Cover!
  155. New Artwork released...
  156. GTA V poster leaks with Spring 2013 release date + new artwork
  157. GTA V gets Spring 2013 release date!
  158. Second trailer is imminent
  159. New Rumours
  160. GTA V Available For Preorder
  161. The Game apparently did something for GTAV.
  162. Tossing out a prediction now...
  163. Gamestop Italy Release Date: 23/4/13...why?
  164. GTA V GI Cover Story [IMGUR]
  165. 20 (+?) New Screenshots
  166. How long for GI digital subscription?
  167. GTAV: Xbox Vs PS3
  168. IGN GTA V News Next Week
  169. Theory for the next trailer(s)
  170. Police Interaction
  171. Online previews offer a bunch of new screens/info
  172. Radio Station Guide [Los Santos]
  173. Dan Houser discusses Michael, Trevor, Franklin
  174. IGN interview with Leslie Benzies
  175. Question About Trailer Tomorrow...
  176. Who Else Is Really Excited About The World?!
  177. GTA V wallpapers [ Retina ]
  178. Trailer 2 Discussion Thread
  179. You know what would be sick?
  180. Now What?
  181. Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 2 Breakdown
  182. Where's The V Link?
  183. Dan Houser answers burning questions about V - IGN
  184. GTA V - California Love
  185. GTA V Trailer 2 without the music
  186. Let's Play GTA V!
  187. What don't you want in Gta 5
  188. Help ????
  189. All Cities in One Game?
  190. EPM Error HELP! D:
  191. [5 new screens] Scuba, Sharks & Submarines
  192. Song / Radio Wishlist
  193. New screenshot(s)
  194. Achievement/Trophy List
  195. 2 new artworks
  196. December release date?
  197. Official Release Date: 9/17/2013
  198. GTA V - Inspired Trailer
  199. no news of gta V
  200. Give your predictions
  201. Possibly New Screenshots on Facebook
  202. is this real? (GTAV cover art)
  203. My GTA V Rap...
  204. What's your "deal-breaker" feature?
  205. environment footage
  206. Michael, Franklin, Trevor trailers
  207. Golf Minigame
  208. 100 GTA V Trailer Screenshots
  209. Things to Notice in the new Character Trailers
  210. Car Modding confirmed
  211. Anyone else notice this?
  212. Four new screenshots
  213. Multiplayer Info Soon
  214. GTA V [Easter Egg] in GTAIV
  215. The Truth behind GTA V
  216. RDR house in GTAV
  217. GTA V special edition and collector's edition.
  218. Dreaming about GTA V...
  219. Epsillon Program
  220. plan for 9/17
  221. map pieced together
  222. GTAV Strategy Guides
  223. Upset with smarter cop AI
  224. GTA 5 at E3??
  225. Nine new GTA V screenshots + PS3-exclusive bundle
  226. PS3 or Xbox360
  227. Not sure if anyone heard about this yet...
  228. GTA IV POWER ENB NEW 2013 Coming soon
  229. GTA Stunts: GTA V vs GTA IV Trailer
  230. GTA V Police Vehicles
  231. My Thoughts on Police AI
  232. GTA V Gangs
  233. GTA Stunts: GTA V vs GTA IV
  234. GTAV will allow you to purchase properties, vehicles, and bidnesses
  235. First is first
  236. Glaring Omission
  237. Asked and Answered
  238. GTA V Wishlist: Soft Body Physics
  239. Hotknife and Carbon RS are Not in the normal edition
  240. date within new picture
  241. Gameplay Tomorrow
  242. GTA V Official Gameplay Video
  243. GTA 5:What To Do When You Are Bored
  244. This might seem silly to you guys.
  245. I need help installing Miku Skin for GTA 4!
  246. GTA Gaming ps3 race to the top of the mountain
  247. Can I mod GTA4 car mods to GTA5?
  248. Tying things together from the trailers/info
  249. GTA 5: Customisable Pets: Chop Franklin's Dog
  250. Hey wait...sooo...
  251. curious about the height limit
  252. GTA V Map..
  253. GTA V Pre Order Bonus Items Master List: US Retailers
  254. Elders react to Grand Theft Auto V
  255. Grand Theft Auto Online reveal this Thursday
  256. Not sure if this is new or not but...
  257. Buzzfeed interviews Rockstar's art director
  258. (YouTube) GTA V Online Multiplayer: Real Life Edition
  259. Grand Theft Auto Online gameplay video now live
  260. New GTA V in-game websites are up?
  261. Wanting opinions
  262. GTAV has ruined other games for me and it's not even out yet
  263. GTA V: The next big MMORPG?
  264. SPOILERS: Grand Theft Auto V Achievements leak
  265. Antagonists?
  266. GTAV LGBT Crew
  267. What version are you getting? Disc or Digital
  268. GTAV will let you smoke weed and prostitutes are back
  269. Military Heist Crew Task Force Los Santos
  270. Details on GTA V Special and Collector's Editions
  271. Next Grand Theft Auto V Trailer coming this Thursday
  272. Crews
  273. Official GTA V trailer released
  274. Shipping out
  275. GTAV Online Crew for PS3 - Ndrangheta
  276. Thoughts about speed and scale...
  277. Bravado Banshee Givaway by Gamestop!!
  278. GTA V YouTube Channel
  279. Two weeks left before release
  280. First GTA V hands-on previews arrive
  281. New GTA Online details from IGN
  282. IGN: GTAV: How a fistful of Rockstar's best have crafted GTAV into a ultimate R* game
  283. GTA V teaser site Cultstoppers launches
  284. The Guardian has a good interview with Dan Houser up
  285. When will we see more gameplay?
  286. GTA V most expensive game in history of fucking ever
  287. How long after release.....
  288. GTAG Freeroam
  289. No gta movie boo hoo
  290. How good is gta 5
  291. GTA V map (spoiler, obviously)
  292. Official GTAG Crew and Xbox/PSN IDs
  293. dlc thoughts
  294. Preorders and midnight releases
  295. New GTA:Online details, over 500 missions, in development for 13 years
  296. lifeinvader is up
  297. Adding the blimp laer on
  298. Claude Speed Circa GTAV
  299. Marketing budget GTA: V
  300. Polygon interviews Dan Houser on GTA V's character switching
  301. Fan Rendered 3d Map
  302. GTA V Online Crews
  303. The dumb 'no vehicle damage' rumour that is going around.
  304. Expect a lot more news Monday
  305. Music from the first 3 trailers -- what were they trying to say?
  306. Amazon UK dispatching now!!
  307. Asian Gangs In GTA V
  308. Unlockables
  309. Voice actors for Michael, Trevor and Franklin
  310. Available to download now on PSN UK
  311. My GTA 5 Review
  312. GTA V's Leaked Xbox 360 Data Reveals PC, PS4 Build Code
  313. 360 Users, R* says don't install both discs
  314. IGN Review: Grand Theft Auto V
  315. Grand Theft Auto V Review Thread
  316. Kotaku plays GTA V
  317. I fruit app
  318. Pre-Order From Best Buy A Disaster
  319. The Onion lists GTA V's new features
  320. For everyone getting GTA V tonight
  321. Post Your GTA V MidNight Launch Media
  322. Happy Gta V day everyone
  323. Your first impressions (keep it spoiler free)
  324. Pop-ins?
  325. The best feauture in this game
  326. GTA V for PC!
  327. When will GTA 5 release for PC?
  328. The PS3 80029564 error & Rockstar/Sony's ineptitude
  329. GTA V gets $800 million in sales in 1 day
  330. GTA Strategy Guide PDF (Found)
  331. The Special/Collector's Blueprint Map
  332. Question
  333. The Snapmatic Thread
  334. Conan O'Brien reviews GTA V
  335. Hunting...with cars.
  336. Open5
  337. Investing in GTA (Spoilers)
  338. gta 5 supporting apple?
  339. Character missions
  340. stocks
  341. Will there be gta5-mods.com ?
  342. Anyone bothered by sexism yet?
  343. Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters: Episode 1
  344. Cars disappearing
  345. Unique garage property for CE?
  346. Real Estate
  347. Did I Need To Install The Game Every Time I Want To Play GTA V?
  348. Report: GTA Online will support 32 players, not 16
  349. Do random events respawn?
  350. For those that finished the game.. (spoiler obviousy)
  351. street races
  352. Post your funny bugs (May contain spoilers)
  353. Satellite dish stunt
  354. How to?
  355. AWESOME
  356. Which languages?
  357. GTA V Ped Glitch
  358. Post your Snapmatic Photos from GTA V
  359. Cinematic Camera
  360. "new gta online news"
  361. LS Customs Property
  362. Share your loot
  363. This game is blowing my fucking mind
  364. Xbox 360 play disc install size?
  365. Getting a fighter jet quickly and easily
  366. Simeon vehicles for quick cash
  367. Did Everyone Notice About The Past GTA Reference and Some Myths?
  368. GTA Online Q & A
  369. Is GTA V Will Come to PC this November?
  370. GTA Online goes live at 7am EST!
  371. Mapping Los Santos
  372. Can you raise the sail on the Marquis?
  373. GTA Online - Your thoughts?
  374. Stunt video
  375. What To Do After Completing GTA V?
  376. Bad sports and good sports in GTA Online
  377. OPINION: Why has Rockstar Games failed so miserably?
  378. Anyone want the GTA 4 driving mechanics in GTA 5?
  379. Easy Money $270,000 per hour (Not anymore)
  380. GTA Online - Has your character been deleted?
  381. helpful status site
  382. GTA Online - Patch 1.03
  383. Online glitch makes you lose weapons in single player
  384. DLC - The First Wave
  385. Tow truck online
  386. Grand Theft Auto V - the manual (Android App).
  387. Grand Theft Auto Online: Half a Million GTA$ Stimulus Package this Month
  388. the problem with the free money
  389. Do You Feel Like There Were Any Loose Ends After The Story Was Done? (SPOILERS)
  390. NYCC's GTA V Panel
  391. The Lost and Dutch recruitment on PS3, join now!
  392. GTA V X360 vs PS3 Graphic
  393. Rockstar Put UFOs and Aliens in GTA V?
  394. online lobbies are dead...
  395. GTA 5 Online Multiplayer Attack Helicopter Locations
  396. The Pushermen
  397. LSC Glitch
  398. Got a new ps3, my thoughts so far
  399. **PS3**Joiin Unbound Mercanaries Now!
  400. How to steal Army Tank online for free!!
  401. GTA 5 Sp Editio Codes not working
  402. GTA:O glitch?
  403. GTA V Single Player Ending Song?
  404. How to Save a Bulldozer, Tank, Helicopter, or Plane in your Garage!
  405. GTAGaming Live Stream Thread
  406. Online mission Potshot (easy money)
  407. "Realistic" BMX edit - GTAonline
  408. Any known Bawsaq bugs?
  409. Post your GTA online vehicle
  410. GTA V 'North Yankton' DLC - CONFIRMED FAKE
  411. Premium Theme for Xbox 360
  412. Ben Buja Stunt Montage
  413. Which online is better? GTA 4 or GTA 5
  414. GTA BMX Stunt video. NEW!
  415. 1.05 is out
  416. GTA Dollars are back!
  417. Mission Montage - Shine A Light (SPOILERS)
  418. Favorite radio/talk station?
  419. My idea for a DLC
  420. GTA Gangland
  421. Policing Clan!
  422. Jockayethenow Youtube Videos
  423. GTA V Gameplay Problems( Post! )
  424. DLC Coming in 2014
  425. GTA: Online - Community Creations
  426. Post Your Deathmatch and Race Creations.
  427. Farm Trailers Found
  428. GTA Online Capture update coming tomorrow
  429. Another LGBT Friendly Crew
  433. Riding Bike Issues with PS3 Controller
  434. GTA V for PC comes March 12, 2014 - UNCONFIRMED, NOT OFFICIAL
  435. Daily Mail up to their usual tricks
  436. Bringing back the classics?
  437. GTA V Tilt-Shift - San Andreas Miniatures
  438. GTA 5 Online - How To Duplicate Trevor's ATV Blazer After Patch 1.09
  439. My problem with GTA V (spoilers here...)
  440. Valentines Day Massacre Coming This Friday
  441. This could be the key to the JETPACK ?
  442. Want to be in my GTAV videos? (Xbox360)?
  443. GTA 5 - Kill people in your apartment
  444. GTA V [Epic V* Survival -VIDEOS-] -Best you'll ever see-
  445. Share your GTA V fun here!
  446. Hilarious conversations and funny moments with Trevor, Franklin & Michael
  447. Funny petition for Cops and crooks mode
  448. GTA Spring Updates
  449. Capture Creator Coming Friday April 11th
  450. Need Help!
  451. High Life Update Coming Soon! Thoughts
  452. Brad or other characters for gta4?
  453. GTAV: The I'm Not a Hipster Update!
  454. Panto Antics - #PANTICS
  455. Gta 5 gamesave
  456. Indpendence Day Update Out Now (Possible Spoilers)
  457. PC GtA V
  458. MERCANTI FAMILY: The Mafia Simulator
  459. Dutch Company - Awesome Crew
  460. GTA 5 "Solo Money Glitch" Patch 1.16 "Bypass 45 Min Wait"
  461. Freestyle walking Parkour
  462. Pc
  463. Response to "A Year wtih GTA V..."
  464. My New GTA V PC Mod Concept (WIP) Female Player with New Voice Acting
  465. Discovery With The Trash Master Online
  466. Carl Johnnson from GTA V
  467. "Viper" - A Jet Stunt Video
  468. PS3 Wicked Executioners wants you
  469. FPS Mode Confirmed For PS4/XB1/PC
  470. GTA V Gameplay Trailer - Niko's Dramatic Reaction
  471. GTAV in 4K
  472. Wildlife Documentary
  473. GTA V = GTA SA/IV
  475. GTA 5 Online Garage Grand Theft Auto 5 Glitches
  476. GTAV PC: New Release Date
  477. Something I've noticed with the taco van...
  478. GTA MotoRacer Weekend Event Playlist (PS4)
  479. Name things that you wish were in GTA V...
  480. Online Heist Mode
  481. GTAV - Able to create characters face?
  482. PIGS
  483. enduro or sanchez?
  484. GTA V weapon (and military vehicle) models
  485. GTA V LAG FIX
  486. Replay Gain for Custom Tracks
  487. How many online characters can you have?
  488. GTA V: The Taxi Driver AI Challenge
  490. GTA V RFiD Clear HD v2.0 - ReShade Master Effect VS Normal
  491. GTA Online Heist Humane Lab Raid - Deliver EMP's scientists
  492. Couple of notes
  493. Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer 1 [1080p,50fps]
  494. Timecycle
  495. [VID] GTA V in Real Life
  496. Can i use mods?
  497. GTA V PC launcher
  498. Question
  499. Noob
  500. Noob
  501. Hacker379
  502. Phone Numbers
  503. GTA V Xbox One Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay Rules/Event
  504. GTA V Xbox One Real Life Roleplay
  505. GTA 5: At the end of despair [Official Trailer]
  506. Online isn't what R* promises it to be.
  507. wallpapers and posters for safe houses and phones