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The Rules - Revised June 16, 2009

READ THE RULES...ALL OF THEM - Revised October 10, 2008

The rules of the forum appear below. Failure to follow these rules may result in warning points (or "infractions") being added to your account in addition to being temporarily or even permanently banned. The current warning point limits are as follows:

Points ..................... Ban Period
3 ............................ 1 day
5 ............................ 3 days
10 ........................... 7 days
15 ........................... 2 weeks
20 ........................... 1 month
25 ........................... Forever

Keep in mind that you can be banned for any amount of time should the staff feel your presence here is not welcome. In other words, you can still be banned even if the total number of warning points you have received doesn't add up to the amount of points necessary for an automatic ban. You are more likely to be banned as a result of repeat offenses than you are from racking up warning points, so please read the rules carefully.

The Rules:

1. Flaming:
You can lightly flame in a Thread but don't make direct attacks. Personal attacks that are obviously between friends joking around are allowed up to a point. Nation bashing is not allowed.

However, at anytime anyone uses racism, sexual orientation, or religion to slam someone, that is a ban. Derogatory comments about these topics are treated the same way. The minimum ban is 7 days.

Excessive minor flaming towards a single member will be treated as major flaming. First offense in this situation will result in infraction points. If such behavior continues, you will be banned within a range of 7 days to permanent.

Flaming is a verbal warning or infraction the first time, after that is up to the discretion of the moderator.

2. There will be no begging/asking/complaining about rep:
A verbal warning for the first offense, an infraction or up to a 3 day temp ban for the second offense.

3. Bumping of a thread is not allowed with the exception of threads in spam forums.
DO NOT think this means you can bump threads all day. If you have a post to make that fits a thread that is fine. If the thread was worthy of attention it would have people active in it and would not need bumping. To deliberately bump a thread without good reason is an automatic infraction.

4. Jokes about rape/surprise sex are not allowed.
3 days ban for the first offense.

5. Gimmick or secondary accounts are illegal and will be permabanned.
Depending on the situation the main account may be banned too.

6. When requesting any ban of your account it will automatically be a Permaban.
This is due to problems and melodramatic bullshit caused by past members abusing ban requests.

7. Leet speak and typing shorthand (R u going 2night?) is allowed to a certain extent.
If itís just for mucking around thatís fine, if you are actually trying to contribute to the topic your post should be at least remotely readable. First offense is a verbal warning. Second offense the punishment is up to the discretion of the moderator.

8. Any post/thread on the topic of getting around work/school/parental firewalls/etc is a 3 day ban.
We are not here to show you how to misuse someone else's internet access. They pay for it, they make the rules.

9. Advertising is only permitted in the advertising forum.
Advertising outside of that forum is not permitted. If your post is an advertisement you will be banned anywhere from 7 days to perma for spamvertising. If you joined to spamvertise it is an automatic perma.

10. There will be no porn/nudity/bloody/disgusting/offensive pictures or links posted.
Ban time is up to the discretion of the mod. If you are posting a photograph of a nude man or woman with various body parts censored, you MUST make sure that the thread title has *NSFW* in the title. If you are not the thread creator, then either contact the thread creator or DON'T POST THE IMAGE. Any censored image falling under this category not inside a marked thread will be treated as pornography, removed, and the poster will receive a warning or banning.

11. Necroposting is when you find a thread that has been inactive for a set amount of time and then post in it again.
Necroposting is allowed only if your post makes a worthwhile contribution to the topic. Anyone who brings a Thread back to life on day 14 or later without anything worthwhile to contribute will receive an infraction. If you are confused what makes a necro, look at the date of the last post and add the number 14. If your calendar is on or past that date, it is a necro. An update by the original poster in the Thread is not a necropost.

12. Spamming outside of a spam forum is not allowed.
First offense is a verbal warning, second offense is an infraction. Anything else after that is a ban.

13. If you are at all concerned or offended by a post made by another user, please notify the forum leaders.
We will investigate and take appropriate action on your behalf. Please do not reply to topics which offend you. Should you reply and start an argument without contributing to the topic at hand you will receive an infraction or up to a permaban depending on the situation and the extent of the flame.

14. Do not correct others as if you are a moderator and do not ask how/if it is possible to become a moderator.
Please do not ask for a thread to be closed unless it is your own thread. Attempting to ďarm chairĒ mod is a verbal warning for the first offense, any thing after that is an infraction or up to a 3 day ban.

15. If you believe a decision by the moderator or administrator was unfair, please send a private message with your concerns to the person in question and/or another leader.
Do NOT post a topic on the forum asking why you were punished for example. Calling the forum leaders names in a derogatory manner is an instant 7 day ban.

16. If your post was edited by a moderator or admin, then that was done so for a damn good reason.
If you choose to re-edit your post you will be warned. Repeated attempt will result in a ban thatís length is up to the moderatorís discretion.

17. If you're going to post asking questions to the rest of the forum members, please elaborate.
For example, if you posted a topic titled, "What's your favorite car for jumps" you should expand and mention your own favorite. If you're looking for the best possible replies, don't post with a subject like "help". More people will look at threads if they have a descriptive subject.

18. Stay on topic.
If you're posting a reply to a topic, don't undermine the topic starter by changing the subject. Posts like this may be treated as spam and you will receive a verbal warning for your first offense. Anything beyond that is an infraction up to a ban.

19. Your signature must have a file size under 1Mb (1,024 Kb) and must fit in either a 450 x 150 or 500 x 130 pixel rectangle. (INCLUDES IMAGES, TEXT, QUOTES, AND LINE BREAKS)
This means the actual pixel size of your signature can be no larger than the following images:

20. If you post a topic or reply and then realize that more information is required and nobody has yet posted a reply, then do not reply to your own message, instead use the edit post feature to add more information.
First offense is a verbal warning, anything beyond this may result in an infraction or ban.

21. Do NOT talk back to the admins/moderators.
For example, if you are asked by an admin to change your display picture and you reply with "I'm not changing it" and you can't provide a decent reason which changes our mind, you will receive a 7 day ban. A second offense is a 14 day ban. A third offense is an instant perma ban.

22. Discussions about Warez,
Including but not limiting to: (NoCD) Cracks, Serials, Hacks etc. are against our rules. First offense is a 3 day ban. Repeat offenses are a 7 day ban up to a perma ban.

23. The reputation system is there for you to use however you wish.
HOWEVER flaming, posting racist/homosexual/etc... comments using the rep system will NOT be tolerated. First offense is an infraction. Repeat offenses are left to the moderators discretion.

24. Do not abuse the report a post feature.
It's there to let you help us keep this place clean - not to use however you want. If you constantly report posts for no legitimate reason you will be verbally warned. Repeat offenses will result in a 3 day ban.

The mods are here to do a job. They try to follow guidelines but have the ability to use their own discretion. If a mod feels any type of ban is needed that doesn't fall into a rule, the mod has the ability to act as he/she sees fit. Same with locking threads and editing posts. For those who seem to think mods have to follow a straight line of rules that is not true. We prefer that to happen but mods were picked with trust in their discretion. They are expected to use it.

If you have any questions about The Rules Thread feel free to contact us through E-mail/PM/IM. Do not make a thread or post about it. That just wastes time and bandwidth (i.e. spam).

This document will be changed as time goes on I am sure. Check here first if you have questions.
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Console Wars Are Bad

This is General Games Chat a forum where you can discuss all the latest games consoles, games and handhelds.

The purpose of the forum is to allow people to chat about these, not to start flaming wars about which console is best. Each has its own individual merits and it's pointless to try to compare them.
All that usually happens is people start flaming, and then warning points are dished out.

If someone thinks one console is better than another, that's their opinion and you should respect it. But, we don't need threads dedicated to which console is best.

Therefore, anyone who posts a thread like "PS3 vs Xbox 360 vs Revolution" will be WARNED APPROPRIATELY.
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