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I Want Candy! 2.9 Manual by masked_marauder

Title: I Want CANDY! Manual

Sub Title: Play as a slightly reworked Candy Suxxx cut scene model.

Version: 2.9 manual install.

Author: Masked Marauder

Date: January something, 2011

This mod changes the default (street clothes) player model from Tommy to a slightly reworked HD cut scene model of Candy Suxxx. Unlike previous releases, version 2.9 does not include the "VC Custom Female Player Animations", download that mod separately; and the cut scene model is not included. If you wish to change the cut scene model as well, just make copies of the two files in this mod called player.dff and player.txd, rename them to CSplay.dff and CSplay.txd, and replace them in the gta3.img archive as you would with the player files. Be advised that if you replace any cut scene models with any in game models that some subtle movements in the animations will not function, such as eyebrows, eyelids, lips, individual fingers, etc.

Changes made in version 2.9 include:
Head - Removed her headband.

Hair - Got rid of that forked "butt-part" in the front of her hair that looked like a couple of broken buffalo horns or something like that. I parted it on one side and draped it over to the other side.

Nose - Flipped some faces around her nose to eliminate some unsightly edges.

Lips - Rounded out her lips slightly and pulled her chin slightly forward to prevent "carp lips".

Mouth - Opened her mouth slightly to show her teeth a little. Could not go too far otherwise she looked like a blow up doll or like she had a serious overbite.

Fingers - Straightened them out.

Torso - Added the missing string to her bikini top. It seems as if that cold front is still lingering around Vice City.

Pelvis - Lowered her waist and hips so that her belly button is no longer 4 inches from her chest. Rounded her butt, thinned her waist, and made her curves a lot curvier. Replaced her "grandma diaper thong" with a bikini.

Legs - Slightly thinner, but not much.

Feet - Slightly slimmer.

Remapped almost the entire texture so that her skin looks much better.

Also adjusted all of the bones and regrouped the vertices slightly different than I normally would so that there is hardly any noticeable distortion in the animations. I am very pleased with how the mesh moves now.

I titled the reworked version '2.9' because I still want to try remapping her hair and her new bikini bottom a little better.


Eat Some Candy

MM (o)(o)

File size: 2.34 MB

8.5/10 - 6 votes
Downloads: 6,183 Added: 11/08/10 at 1:36PM Last DL: 05/23/17 at 10:35AM
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